How to Get Old Pee Stains Out of Mattress

How to Get Old Pee Stains Out of Mattress

In order to remove pee stains from your mattress, you need to remove the smell. In order to do this, you can use hydrogen peroxide, a solution found in first-aid aisles of most stores. Mix it with baking soda and liquid dish soap to get rid of the odor. You can also add essential oils to the mixture to neutralize the smell. Do not shake it vigorously or the solution will be ineffective.

Laundry detergent removes smell of urine from mattress

If you have a urine stain on your mattress, you must act quickly. You can use white vinegar and a clean, dry towel to wipe it off. But you must avoid rubbing the stain, as this will just push the liquid deeper into the fabric. You can also apply baking soda to the stain to absorb the odor. Afterward, you can throw the mattress in the washing machine.

The best way to remove urine from your mattress is to blot it immediately, rather than rubbing it. However, you must avoid rubbing the stain, as this will make it set deeper into the mattress fibers. Another way to remove the odor is to use diluted vinegar, mixed with white vinegar. Spray the affected area with the solution, and leave it for five to ten minutes.

Vinegar removes old pee stains from mattress

One of the most effective ways to remove old pee stains from mattresses is to spray them with diluted white vinegar. Make sure not to over-saturate the mattress because this can cause damage to the foam. Spray the stained area with the vinegar and allow it to sit for 10 to 20 minutes. After that, blot it dry with a clean towel. Let it sit for at least another 10 minutes to allow the vinegar to soak in.

You can also make a solution by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with a spray bottle. Mix the solution and spray the entire area. This solution will help loosen the stain, and will remove the smell. You can repeat this process until the stain is gone. If you have a particularly stubborn stain, you can use a hydrogen peroxide solution or enzyme cleaners. Another great method is to mix baking soda with distilled white vinegar to treat it.

Using laundry detergent

To get old pee stains out of a mattress, you can use white vinegar. The acetic nature of vinegar helps break down stains. Pour a small amount of vinegar on the stained area and soak it. After a few minutes, use a dry cloth to blot the excess moisture. Then, let it air dry. Repeat if necessary. This remedy will work effectively on most types of stains, including pee.

Besides laundry detergent, you can also use baking soda. It has the ability to neutralize the smell. You can sprinkle it on the affected area and allow it to sit for ten hours or longer, depending on the amount of urine. After this period, you can remove the baking soda. After the time has passed, make sure that the area is completely dry before re-applying the baking soda.

Using laundry detergent to remove old pee stains from mattress

Using laundry detergent to remove old pee stain on mattress is a simple way to get rid of urine stains. This method works well if the urine stain is dry. The solution should soak the mattress to the same depth as the original stain. This method is not ideal for mattresses made of memory foam, since urine stains set up in a short period of time. However, it is a viable option for mattresses made of other materials.

A solution of two parts cold water and one part white vinegar should be enough to get rid of the old pee stain. Using a clean, dry towel is a better alternative than rubbing it. While rubbing the stain may remove some of the urine, it will push it deeper into the mattress’ fabric and make the stain harder to remove. Another solution is to mix a small amount of laundry detergent with two parts cold water. Afterward, blot the mattress dry with a clean towel.

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